Repair or Replace Your AC?

It’s very frustrating when an AC unit does not work correctly when it is most needed. In the event an AC Repair Company Charleston must be called in, the homeowner may worry that he or she will be told it’s time to replace the unit. In certain situations, the AC repair company may recommend replacement but state a repair will suffice for the time being. How can a homeowner know when it is wise to repair the unit and when a replacement is called for? Two factors should be considered at this time to make the decision as to whether to repair or replace easier.

The Age of the Unit and the Cost of the Repair

One way to determine whether an AC Repair Charleston is called for or if it is time to replace the unit is to take the age of the unit into consideration. Multiply the cost of the repair by the age of the unit. In the event the resulting figure is more than $5,000, it’s best to replace the unit. However, if it comes in under this amount, go ahead and have the repair done. This helps to reduce the uncertainty as to which is the better option.

Energy Efficiency

Another factor to take into consideration at this time is advances in technology. A unit that is ten years old may not be very energy efficient. While it could have been a top-of-the-line model when it first came out, thanks to the advances that have been made, it is costing the homeowner money each month to continue using it. If this appears to be the case, a replacement will actually save the homeowner money in the long run by reducing the amount he or she pays to cool the home each month.

If there is any doubt as to which is the better option, a homeowner may wish to have the repair work done. While the unit may fail again in the near future, this gives the homeowner a little more time to do research on the options available to him or her. This can be of great help in certain situations, such as when a new type of system may be desired. Don’t hesitate to ask the technician about other systems. They are happy to answer any questions a customer may have at this time.


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